B60 run industry-specific, strategy-focused and bespoke workshops to educate and inform attendees on the latest technology trends and how they can use emerging technology strategically within their business.

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Get to Know the Technology

Introducing a new technology initiative successfully requires knowledge and understanding. We help businesses to understand the key features, capabilities and practical applications of the technology, with specific reference to your industry. 


Learn from Our Experience

We draw upon our past experiences working with technology to provide you with expert knowledge from the point of view of the developers who build and deploy the technology.


Understand the Future

Technology is constantly evolving. It is important to have an overview of the predicted developments as technology can change so quickly. We want to ensure your business is prepared for the future. 

Upcoming Workshops

  • Thursday 12th April - London




Learn about the technologies disrupting your industry and how you can apply them to your business.



Tailor a workshop to suit your specific business needs or revolve around a specific technology.



Introduce you you to technologies and methods to compliment your business strategy.


James Rooke

Senior Change Manager – Santander PLC:

"We loved the workshop B60 put together for us and the take away points have been used on a daily basis ever since. The process for planning out a technology strategy is simple, yet so effective and I can see it being used within the business for years to come."